Artfully Aging - Art Programs for Seniors

Artfully Aging is an art program designed for seniors of all skill levels.  It serves the full range of care levels from independent communities to skilled nursing and dementia care centers.

The goal of Artfully Aging is for each participant to tap into their own creative nature while experiencing a true sense of empowerment and enjoyment through participation.

Artfully Aging works primarily in watercolor and gears each session to the needs of each individual group.  Some groups are made up of individuals wanting to learn specific skills and techniques.  Other groups are made up of individuals in various stages of dementia whose projects are joyfully experienced in the moment.

Studies have shown that the lives of seniors can be enhanced through participation in creative arts.  Artfully Aging  believes that everyone is an artist and that enjoyment and even healing can come to all who engage in creative activities.

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