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Bring Artfully Aging Home: “Aging in Place” Watercolor Projects Now Available!

Mary Beth Flynn | 16 November, 2021

            Bring Artfully Aging Home: “Aging in Place” Watercolor Projects Now Available!

When you love your home, you don’t want to leave it. According to AARP, three out of four seniors want to stay in their current home as long as possible. Thanks to an increase in home care services, that wish has become a reality for many older adults.

While being surrounded by familiar comforts has its benefits, seniors who are homebound miss out on the social connections built through group activities at assisted living communities. In fact, the greatest dangers to an older adult’s health are isolation and loneliness.

However, when caregivers and family members connect with older adults through stimulating and fun activities like watercolor art projects, seniors experience many of the same benefits they would in a group art session, including:

  • Improved cognitive function and motor skills– Painting encourages both sides of the artist’s brain to work simultaneously, fends off the symptoms of dementia, and improves hand-eye coordination. The better a senior’s cognitive function, the longer they can remain independent in their own homes.
  • Better physical health – In one 12-month study, researchers discovered that older people who regularly participated in art activities reported a higher rating of physical health, fewer accidental falls, fewer doctor visits, and a reduction in the number of medications needed.
  • Reduced stress and depression – One in four older adults experience feelings of stress, depression and anxiety. However, just one 45-minute art session can drastically reduce an individual’s levels of cortisol – the biological indicator of stress. Add in the social interaction of creating alongside a caregiver or friend, and a senior becomes even more relaxed.

Meaningful art programs from the comfort of home

The same Artfully Aging watercolor projects that Life Enrichment Directors at senior and assisted living communities have used to enhance their residents’ lives can also be enjoyed by older adults aging at home.

Whether you’re a home care company or a family caregiver assisting a loved one, you can create an “Aging in Place” variety pack featuring four prepared watercolor sheets of your choice and one individual art supply set. Order just one pack or multiple packs to serve every client on your care list. In addition, each activity includes a free instructional video to guide you step-by-step through the project.

To learn more about our “Aging in Place” option, contact Artfully Aging at 314-598-5562.