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Each Project will Include:

All projects are sold in sets of 5 prepared watercolor sheets. Prepared watercolor sheets come with a graphite impression ready for painting. You will receive access to an instructional video for each project as well as hands on training videos and a downloadable project sample to copy from. Additionally you will have the option to purchase watercolor supplies directly from Artfully Aging or to purchase them independently from a downloadable supply list.

Please click on any project image to view pricing, details and some examples of resident work.

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Apple/Pear Still Life
Apple/Pear Still Life $25.00
Black Cat on Pumpkin
Black Cat on Pumpkin $25.00
Black Eyed Susans
Black Eyed Susans $25.00
Candy Cane
Candy Cane $25.00
Cardinal on Branch
Cardinal on Branch $25.00
Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree $25.00
Christmas Wreath
Christmas Wreath $25.00
Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny $25.00
Easter Egg
Easter Egg $25.00
Fall Lake Scene
Fall Lake Scene $25.00
Fall Leaf
Fall Leaf $25.00
Flower Bouquet
Flower Bouquet $25.00
Freeform Butterfly
Freeform Butterfly $25.00
Furry Cat
Furry Cat $25.00
Giraffe $25.00
Holly Sprig
Holly Sprig $25.00
Hydrangea $25.00
Lighthouse by the Hills
Lighthouse by the Hills $25.00
Lighthouse by the Sea
Lighthouse by the Sea $25.00
Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly $25.00
Patriotic Flowerpot
Patriotic Flowerpot $25.00
Patriotic Stars
Patriotic Stars $25.00
Patriotic Watering Can
Patriotic Watering Can $25.00
Pear/Grapes Still Life
Pear/Grapes Still Life $25.00
Pink Azalea
Pink Azalea $25.00
Poinsettia $25.00
Pumpkin $25.00
Pumpkin in Witch's Hat
Pumpkin in Witch's Hat $25.00
Sailboat on Waves
Sailboat on Waves $25.00
Shamrock Ensemble
Shamrock Ensemble $25.00
Snowflake Project
Snowflake Project $25.00
Snowman in the Trees
Snowman in the Trees $25.00
Summer Hills Scene
Summer Hills Scene $25.00
Summer Lake
Summer Lake $25.00
Sunfish $25.00
Sunflowers $25.00
Sunny Sailboat
Sunny Sailboat $25.00
Tall Vase of Mums
Tall Vase of Mums $25.00
Thanksgiving Turkey
Thanksgiving Turkey $25.00
Tropical Fish
Tropical Fish $25.00
Tulips in Tall Vase
Tulips in Tall Vase $25.00
Tulips in Wide Vase
Tulips in Wide Vase $25.00
Two Pots of Impatiens
Two Pots of Impatiens $25.00
Valentine Ensemble
Valentine Ensemble $25.00
Vase of Hearts
Vase of Hearts $25.00
Winter Snow Scene
Winter Snow Scene $25.00