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Benefits of a Senior Art Program

Create a resident Art Display and bring all the benefits to fruition!

Seniors who participate in this program can experience these Benefits


Through participation in the program residents are encouraged to leave their anxieties at the door, become engaged in the moment and hopefully loose track of time and place.


Through participation residents can realize a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Being part of an art group is a perfect way to get to know fellow residents.


Although prepared watercolor sheets and instructional videos are provided, residents are encouraged to make their projects their own individual works of art through color selections and by incorporating their own creativity into the composition.

Sense of accomplishment

Being a part of the art group and completing a project often gives residents a feeling of purpose.


With projects being seasonal and timely it is easy to suggest and find topics which residents can reminisce and tell stories around. All project specific instructional videos come with discussion topics for storytelling and reminiscing and in some cases songs and activities.

Sense of pride

At first residents often feel intimidated usually because they have had very little experience participating in creative art. They often find that they surprise themselves with their own creative abilities. They often show their finished work to friends and family with pride.

Cognitive stimulation

The watercolor projects can provide a healthy challenge by requiring varying levels of concentration and eye hand coordination. All of which promote brain stimulation.


Residents easily find joy through realizing the many faceted benefits of participating in this meaningful activity.