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Bringing Art to All: How Our Lady of Life Turned Watercolor Sessions Into a Community Art Show

Mary Beth Flynn | 22 April, 2022

            Bringing Art to All: How Our Lady of Life Turned Watercolor Sessions Into a Community Art Show

When Our Lady of Life Apartments, a Cardinal Ritter Senior Services community in St. Louis, began offering its residents Artfully Aging watercolor sessions, exactly how the entire community would benefit was yet to be revealed!

For several years, a core group of residents met twice a month to hone their watercolor skills through a variety of techniques and subjects. As the sessions continued, it became evident that these budding artists were experiencing a true sense of joy in their work! Many had never really participated in the arts and were unaware of the creativity which existed inside of them.

In time, the watercolor group accumulated a collection of finished projects that deserved to be in the spotlight! The idea of a community art show came up, took hold, and soon it was on the Our Lady of Life activity calendar. With the direction of Artfully Aging, the artists curated the pieces they would show and how they would present them, instilling in each of them a sense of pride and purpose.

The benefits to an entire senior community

The Resident Art Show, complete with a Wine and Cheese reception, opened to an excited audience of residents, staff, and family members. What started as a watercolor session for a few seniors turned into a cultural event for the entire community who enjoyed an afternoon of socializing, learning, and appreciating the beauty around them. For the artists, the event was an exhilarating experience!

Resident art shows and displays are an added amenity to any senior community and are attractive to potential residents and their families. For many seniors, once they see the work of their fellow residents, they’re inspired to pick up a paintbrush themselves and join an upcoming Artfully Aging watercolor session to enjoy all the benefits of creating art.

For helpful hints on turning your Artfully Aging sessions into a community-wide event, you’re invited to contact founder Mary Beth Flynn at 314.968.9148.