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How Artfully Aging Can Add Value to Your Activity and Enrichment Programs

Mary Beth Flynn | 17 April, 2021

            How Artfully Aging Can Add Value to Your Activity and Enrichment Programs

When COVID-19 hit and outside visitors were unable to deliver programming at senior living communities, activity directors and staff members found creative ways to keep residents entertained and engaged. Dedicated employees uncovered talents they never knew they had and thought outside the box to put them to work for the benefit of seniors.

Artfully Aging online art programs for senior living communities were designed with these staff members in mind, helping both the novice and experienced artists on your team enhance their creative skills and expand programming options. With guided instruction, virtual training and valuable tips on working with residents of all levels, Artfully Aging helps any staff member lead therapeutic art sessions that bring joy and meaning to the seniors you serve.

What benefits does Artfully Aging offer my staff and residents?

Artfully Aging’s website is stocked with watercolor projects in a variety of themes. Each project includes prepared watercolor sheets as well as easy-to-follow online instructional videos that provide residents with step-by-step directions while encouraging their creativity.

When your facility purchases an Artfully Aging project, your staff has immediate access to our high-level “Train the Trainer” videos. Our practical, expert-led classes not only spotlight how to use watercolor paint, but also teach staff how to best lead our sessions for seniors of varying skill and care levels. In less than 30 minutes, your activity staff members will learn:

  • Easy, professional-level painting techniques, including washing, detailing and blending
  • How to use art to stimulate socialization, inspire reminiscing and promote relaxation
  • Words of encouragement for taking the fear out of exploring one’s creative side
  • Our hand-over-hand assistance method to help residents with cognitive or mobility issues
  • How to heighten a senior’s sense of accomplishment through public displays or in-house art shows

To help your art sessions run smoother, we also encourage staff members to preview project videos before sharing them with residents to familiarize themselves with each step in the process.

Now that our residents and staff are vaccinated, why not bring back our guest artists?

Because of the depth of the Artfully Aging online staff training and breadth of our project lineup, participating senior living communities no longer need to depend on outside artists to direct group sessions. In fact, our professionally-led online training videos are so concise and thorough that your staff can become equipped to deliver the therapeutic art sessions in minutes. Additionally, the step-by-step project videos are simple to follow and can even be appropriate for some IL and AL groups to follow with minimal guidance.

In addition, the advantages of Artfully Aging for your community include:

  • Simple scheduling – You no longer have to juggle calendars with outside instructors. Since all of our projects are online, you can fit in group or individual art sessions on your schedule. Plus, with so many projects to choose from, you can tie a session into any theme you have planned without coordinating ideas with a guest artist.
  • Accessible staff training – As COVID-19 showed us, staff members have to be ready to jump into different roles when the unexpected presses pause on traditional activities. Once you purchase an Artfully Aging project, your staff have access to our online training anytime, which is especially important when new members join your team.
  • Projects right at hand – All Artfully Aging projects come with five prepared watercolor sheets, but you’re welcome to order as many sheets as you need and have them delivered to your facility. Plus, we offer an art supply package complete with a paintbox, brush and artist sponge you can add to your order in quantities of five.
  • Cost-effective programming – Artfully Aging online art sessions start at just $25, which costs considerably less than hiring an in-person instructor. Plus, you can replay each session for multiple groups without paying extra for an artist’s time and expertise. Your community can offer a comprehensive art program for residents while saving hundreds on a traditional class model.

To learn more about Artfully Aging, we invite you to explore our current list of projects and see how seniors from across the country have put their own creative spin on our themes. If your staff is ready to free their inner artist and share their talents with your residents, place your Artfully Aging order, and we’ll help you launch your new in-house art program!