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How Artfully Aging’s Greeting Card Projects Can Give Your Residents a Greater Sense of Purpose

Mary Beth Flynn | 14 November, 2022

            How Artfully Aging’s Greeting Card Projects Can Give Your Residents a Greater Sense of Purpose

When older adults enter a senior living community, the loss of independence and increasing reliance on others can negatively impact their self-worth. Even if their new community offers enriching activities and endless opportunities for socialization, seniors may feel depressed if they’re no longer able to do many of the things they used to enjoy.

One of the best ways seniors can regain their sense of purpose and confidence is by doing something for others – and there’s proven science behind it! According to psychiatrists with Cedars-Sinai, performing an act of kindness increases levels of dopamine in the body, the hormone that gives us a feeling of
happiness and euphoria. In addition, frequent and ongoing acts of service boost the production of oxytocin, the “love hormone,” and serotonin, which helps regulate mood.

Sharing messages of gratitude and love with friends and family members – or even strangers – can help ease a senior’s anxiety and depression. Artfully Aging’s new greeting card watercolor art sessions allow your residents to paint beautiful works of art, which can be sent to or shared with loved ones. In
addition to holiday designs, Artfully Aging offers beautiful floral options that can be used for any occasion.

Some possible ways for your seniors to brighten another’s world with a handmade greeting card include:

  • A “thinking of you” card for a homebound friend or overseas military servicemember
  • Birthday greetings for someone they care about
  • Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Halloween cards that let seniors share holiday wishes
  • Thank you cards they can give to a fellow resident or a staff member

Artfully Aging greeting card projects are available now, and each one includes five prepared watercolor cards, six envelopes, and a “how-to” instructional video for activity staff. It’s a simple way to plan a meaningful art activity your seniors will love!