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Meet Mary Beth Flynn of Artfully Aging

Mary Beth Flynn | 16 March, 2022

            Meet Mary Beth Flynn of Artfully Aging

Hello. I’m Mary Beth, founder of the leading online watercolor art program for seniors.

In the early 2000s, I was a stay-at-home mom with a successful freelance career as a house portrait artist. When the recession hit and commissions slowed to a halt, I began working at an adult day program, teaching art to seniors.

I loved it immediately. Art wasn’t just a way for the older adults to pass the time, it was something of value – allowing them to experience a sense of joy, empowerment and self-worth as they painted.

My desire to contribute to the greater good led me to expand Artfully Aging. By 2020, fueled by my art background and continual research into the therapeutic benefits of art for older adults with dementia and memory loss, I was teaching watercolor art sessions at 45 senior living communities across St. Louis.

But just as the recession 10 years before altered my career path, the pandemic set up obstacles while opening opportunities for Artfully Aging. By pivoting to a virtual platform, Artfully Aging is now reaching communities across the country with our prepared watercolor projects and step-by-step staff instructional videos. With Artfully Aging, you can order online, do in real time!

I’m excited to partner with you to offer meaningful art sessions to the seniors you serve. For more information, please contact me online or call me at 314.968.9148.