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The Value of Small Group Art Sessions

Mary Beth Flynn | 15 March, 2023

            The Value of Small Group Art Sessions

Connecting residents of your senior living community to each other through meaningful group activities is one of the best ways to improve almost every aspect of their daily life, from their mood to their sleep habits. At the same time, life enrichment directors can’t overlook the advantages of one-on-one
interaction, especially for those seniors living with dementia.

With Artfully Aging, you can find the perfect balance for the seniors you serve. We designed our watercolor art projects to be adapted to any size group, but found that those seniors who participate in smaller sessions benefit the most:

1. Greater engagement – The therapeutic value of hands-on art projects diminishes as group size increases. It can be difficult for seniors with dementia to relax and enjoy the creative process when they feel overwhelmed by constant noise and movement. When a group session is smaller, they can better focus on the activity in front of them.

2. Assistance when needed – Because Artfully Aging was created for every care level, we provide enrichment staff with simple hands-on techniques and approaches to support residents when they struggle with a project. The smaller the session, the more time staff and caregivers can dedicate to helping seniors paint their masterpieces and give them an immediate confidence boost.

3. Opportunities to reminisce – Artfully Aging’s seasonal and timely watercolor sessions are ideal for sparking conversation between group members. A landscape project, for instance, can prompt a discussion on the residents’ favorite outdoor summer memories. As artists share their stories and listen to those of their peers, they feel relaxed and find a sense of joy in the moment.

Planning a holistic watercolor program for your senior living community doesn’t have to be a big production. In fact, by thinking small and letting Artfully Aging create the session for you, you’ll ensure your residents experience all the advantages of therapeutic art programming. To learn more about the benefits of Artfully Aging, click here.